Five reasons why buying English wine helps both People and the Planet!

English wine is one of the fastest growing farming sectors in Great Britain. But how sustainable is it? Well, we wanted to know, so we’ve been digging deeper!

First, let’s break sustainability down into it’s pillars: economic, social and environmental AKA people and the planet! We’ve discovered 5 reasons buying English wine can help both!  

Food miles

Drinking a cool glass of English Chardonnay, is a world-friendly alternative to an imported wine. That’s because it has significantly less food miles associated with it! Food miles are calculated based on the fuel used, as well as the distance travelled from producer to consumer. When you drink a more locally produced wine, you are slashing those food miles! 

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Carbon footprint

The carbon footprint is also reduced, that’s the amount of C02 released across the whole process from vineyard to glass.  Analysis into the carbon footprint of wine, shows that transport is one of the biggest components, leading wine GB to say, ‘the first message is to drive less, and use less diesel’. The vineyard itself was one of the smallest components in the carbon footprint. On top of that, vineyard waste can even be converted into biofuel as a sustainable energy source! 

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Water waste

To top it all off, the cooler climate of the UK requires less irrigation, significantly reducing water wastage. An LSE study found that almost no UK wine producers currently irrigate their land.  So, with water stress named as the third most critical global problem by GVI (Global Vision International), English vineyards could be the way forward for our favourite alcoholic drink! 

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Job opportunities 

How is English wine economically sustainable? Well, it is a driver for job creation! Currently, over 2,000 people are employed in the English Wine industry. This could potentially create 30,000 new jobs by 2040 according to figures from WineGB. Not only this, but also it has been predicted that close to 658 million pounds could be produced a year through tourism as vineyards attract tourists from outside the UK!  Who wouldn’t want to come and visit England’s charming vineyards? 

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Physical and mental health 

Finally, what could the social impact of our wonderful English vineyards be? Vineyards across the country are providing a haven for communities to spend time in, and engage with the great outdoors. Just one example we found was Forty Hall Vineyard in Enfield which hosts ecotherapy projects to improve physical and mental well-being, by encouraging people in the community to connect with nature through their local vineyard!  How fab is that? With over 8,600 acres of vines in the UK, we are excited to watch and learn how they can be used to benefit our mental and physical health! 

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So top up your glass with an English wine…is not just a pretty sight, it can also bring benefits to people and the planet!

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